Mistress Isla Deep (bizarre lady)

te boeken van 4  t/m 11 september 2019



Number: +49 174 8089476


Email: deepinisla@protonmail.com

Website: www.isladeep.com

Twitter: @deep_in_isla


My looks already say it all – I’m a unique magical creature that can drive you mad. An elven goddess from the Northern woods who uses BDSM and sensuality as a charm. I live every aspect of my life creatively and see sexuality as an art. Give me your trust, your devotion and I will take you on a journey into my bizarre world. I will lead you through the thicket of your fantasies, through the deep dark forest of your lust.


I always work intuitively, whether in a sensual Tantra BDSM massage or a humiliating session, I am always present and pay attention to your body and mind. I like to play the role of the strict dominatrix who overwhelms you, but I equally like playing eye-to-eye.


My favorite practices include humiliation, whore training, cuckold, spanking and impact play of all sorts, CBT, nipple torture, clamps, weights, strap-on and fisting, classic bondage, ropes and more. I love to play with your desire … Tease and denial is a lot of fun. My hands have that tantric touch that will pamper your cock and prostate, your whole body. I have also very sweet and sensitive feet that are love to be pampered. As a reward you can drink my delicious golden nectar.


As a creative person I also enjoy playing role-play games. Sometimes I’m a naughty princess who wants all her wishes fulfilled, a wicked little girl in a floral dress who punishes you for your perversion, a rock-n-roll diva dancing on your balls, a witch making you her ritual sacrifice, an elven goddess in a white satin dress that bruises you with branches, a jail keeper who locks you in a cage and pleasures herself with toys and lovers while you are forced to listen, a strict teacher in a pencil skirt, an apron clad mother that catches you making a mess in the kitchen, a strong business woman who humiliates you in the office or the pretty girlfriend who holds you by the balls in a fancy restaurant and orders the expensive 8-course menu. The possibilities for role-playing games are endless! Let’s go on an exploration together.


Most importantly I want us to build mutual trust and to just have fun! Life should be a pleasure.