Mistress Rui Klein

Voor boekingen van 3 t/m 6 oktober 2019

Rui Takamura

Contact me : ruitakamura@gmail.com

Height    160cm
measurements    B:85 W:64 H:90
From Shop    Despite the fact that Mistress Rui is one of our English
speaking Dominatrix we were not sure if we would even put her profile on
our Official English Website.
Quite frankly, she is booked so full it is very difficult to get in to
see her.
But don’t worry.
Mistress Rui always has a special spot in her schedule – and in her
heart – for well behaved slaves.

Unfortunately for all of us, Mistress Rui isn’t the only busy person.
We are all busy! After a long day at work we all just want to lie down
and chill.
Mistress Rui understands this more than anyone.
The next time you finish work, why not make an appointment?
You can strip naked – or down to your pretty panties if that is your
thing – and lie down at the door entrance and wait for Mistress Rui’s

There is nothing she likes better than to walk in the door and wipe her
high heels off on her cute little doormat.
It doesn’t have to stop there.
She is more than happy to trample you into the carpet while you are
getting some much deserved rest!
Sounds like heaven right?

A beautiful woman – inside and out – walking all over your body and your
Hey Doormat, take your hand off your dick!
We are not done yet! Trampling isn’t MIstress Rui’s only skill!
From soft to hard, Mistress Rui can do it all.
Our most experienced Mistress is truly an all-around player.

Just some of Mistress Rui’s skills: CBT ,
Kinbaku- authentic Japanese Rope Bondage,Whipping,anal orgasm
development and anal torture, body modification, urethra play,expansion,
and skewers (the same things you hold when you are eating a shishkabob).

Charming, sophisticated and addictive. Audrey Hepburn with a whip.
She will push your boundaries. Don’t believe me?
Check her blog. It will blow your mind.

Without exception the most skilled, hard-core (or soft!) Dominatrix in
Actually let me correct that.
Our Mistress Rui is the most skilled, hard-core Artist in Japan and you
are her canvas.
Suffering with style and grace.
First you will fall in love, then you will bleed and finally, you will
give her everything.
It is what you were born for. Beg, cheat and steal.
Do whatever you can to get an appointment with Mistress Rui.
It won’t be easy but it will be worth it!

Good at : CBT ,Kinbaku :authentic Japanese Rope
Bondage,stomping,Whipping,anal orgasm development, body modification,
urethra play,expansion, skewer.

Well-skilled dominatrix and has amazing beautiful legs.
She has both warmth and sharpness as a sadist.
All-round player, she can do various play from soft as pleasureful to
hard and heavy as a torture.
Go step into her world, you will know real you.Your real world.

Loves : Many kind of Whips;Bull whip,nine-cat-tail,slapper,cane, bamboo
or so on.
Metal material CBT tools, modification, rope bondage.
From Lady    “I am glad if I could be the reason that you have become
who you are.
Your reason to live. The architect of your existence.
Show me your true nature and liberate your spirits.”

T.160cm B.85 W.62 H.90
Favorite food:Fruits and cheese

Mistress Rui is an English speaker.
Coprophagy and vomiting options are available.

Weblog : 「Agape」http://mistressrui.blog130.fc2.com/

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